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megan lynn
30 September
About this Journal
My name‘s Megan and this journal is pretty much open. I only lock entries when I should and when I share things I deem very personal. Anything random and anything fandom is always open.
All of my graphics can be found at inconceivable_m.
Fandoms and Ships
My fandoms include Doctor Who, The Office, Stargate: Atlantis, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and I‘ll talk about random shows I also watch.

My major ships include Nine/Rose, Jim/Pam, and Sheppard/Weir and I think from that I‘m pretty open.
Layout and Mood Theme
Coding for current layout is done by newkidfan @ interlinea and the header was done by myself.

Martha Jones and Rose Tyler mood theme created by myself, which can be found at my graphics journal, inconceivable_m.
Nine/Rose mood theme created by _karmageddon_
That 70's Show mood theme by elena_hepburn @ magique_icon
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