Chris Eccleston - SOOO pretty


Didn't mean to fall of the radar again. LOL

But anyway, I've got my vote in! Sticker and all :)

Hope everyone else who can, will :)

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I thought fanboards for couples were for fans of, I don't know, the couple the board was created for? LOL

I swear, sometimes it seems like half of the people posting there don't even like one half of the couple. It's kind of annoying, actually.
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Chris Eccleston - SOOO pretty

We're fallin' through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world...

Well I dropped off there a bit, yeah? LOL

I'm already in Olympics withdrawal. It was so AWESOME! I don't want to wait until 2014 for more :(

Anyway, TV stuff....Rookie Blue was pretty rough, True Blood is bananas (I have no idea if that's a good thing) and I don't know why I'm watching The Newsroom.

The Closer came to an end on Monday. I'm gonna miss Brenda. Kyra has been fabulous these past 7 years in portraying this amazing character. Probably one of the most complex, realistic female characters in the past 10 years. And I'm okay with how she ended her run.

And I love Mary McDonnell, but I'm not sure about following Major Crimes. I like the character Mary plays, I like how they've developed her and that she won't be another Brenda. It could be interesting. I'll just be missing Brenda.

This morning I saw BBC America was airing DW S1 again. Fun! Only saw "Rose" this morning, but it was enough to remind me how much I love/loved Nine. *sighs*

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I was way too tired to comment last night but....


And congrats to all of our swimmers.

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Excellent night for the US in swimming (well, Ryan Lochte is on notice).

But congrats to Missy Franklin (such a sweet girl), Matt Grevors and Nick Thoman. And there was some excellent diving in men's synchronized diving.

I'm disappointed in the US Men's Gymnastics team. They were supposed to be better then this. But good for the UK. I feel bad for the Ukraine team though.

And Misty/Kerri are still doing awesomely in beach volleyball. YAY.